Emmanuel Mieville

Paris-born composer Emmanuel Mieville studied sound engineering in a film school and musique concrete at the famous GRM (Groupe de recherches musicales). He has also studied ethnic instruments and played Javanese gamelan in Paris for two years.

Since his childhood, Mieville has been constantly listening to creative radio programs, something that has fueled his approach to experimental music and soundscape composition. He has produced many programs for french national radios (France-culture and France-Musique), such as a work for shakuhachi, voice and electronics. He is also regular contributor to Framework, the field recording show Patrick McKinley produces for Resonance FM, in London, and worldwide on internet, since 2002.

Mieville's interest in aural perception and sonic events , frequencies hidden or engraved in urban and wildlife environments yield compositions where field recordings are layered, mixed and sometimes manipulated through digital effects. His goal is to portray a specific location, to let its blurred and erratic sonic emotions reach the listener's ears, to perform and compose the "concrete" substance of it for the listener's benefit. He has recently attended the workshop on field recording in the Pyrenees mountains by Chris Watson, with his concept of the dawn recording , unveiling the birds and animals awakening after night has vanished.

Mieville has worked with Buto dancers and video artists. He also improvises with fellow musicians like Eric Cordier, Guido Huebner, Benjamin Thigpen, Sun Wei, Adrian Sierra Garcia, for special open air performance on a bridge in Paris(see video sreenshots). His electroacoustic works have been presented in festivals by Motus and Licences-Brulures des langues (France), Confluencias (Spain), and final selection in Udine Composition Competition in Italy. He has performed concerts and improvised with musicians in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China,Taiwan, France, and Germany. He also performs other people's music, like the music of K.H. Stockhausen with the innovative laptop ensemble CLSI. He has released music on the labels Tibprod (with Tore H.Boe), XingWu, Taalem, and/oar, Lona Records, Baskaru(2 full length albums), and Obs.