Kassia Flux

I am a London-based electronic/experimental composer and performer. I record sounds from my surroundings, integrating them with my vocals and electric violin to create concise and long-form pieces for live performance, radio and installation. I aim to create music that liberates and oxygenates: I value originality, nuance, dynamics.

My practice is routed in Musique Concrete, as developed by Schaeffer in the 40s, and later Cage and others, aided by contemporary digital tools and technologies. I build site-specific sound libraries, which act as both an orchestra and a muse - a launch pad for composition.

My passion for music was kindled early with violin lessons and participation in orchestras and choirs. As a young adult, I nurtured a fascination for tape loops, contact mics, and field recordings. For many years, I've continued to perform, compose and innovate, recently finding my strongest voice as solo artist 'Kassia Flux'.

I have a background as a scientist which sometimes informs themes in my work combined with my intuitive process. I have recently been able to become a musician full time, and now focus wholly on that.