My friends call me Sunny, but my given name is Sunčica, pronounced something like Sun-Chi-Tza. It is an old-fashioned Serbian fairy-tale name... ƥƻ+d;ƿƶƾƮ. The abbreviation C.Ч. Ц is the name of my band.

My family is from Serbia. I was born and raised in Sweden, but the place I call home is London. I have been based in Britain since the early 90's. Spent the 90's and the noughties working as a sound engineer, first at Mayfair Recording studios, and later freelanced. Worked with a lot of the Britpop ... Pulp, Mansun, Radiohead... and Trip hop bands...Portishead, Massive Attack ... and even classic rock 'n' rollers like Led Zeppelin. The first track I engineered was a B-side for Tricky.

Eventually I started writing music (film music). When one of my favourite film directors, Guy Maddin, showed interest in my music, I decided to take it seriously. I started toying with the idea of orchestrating my tracks, they had been purely electronic up to that point. This eventually led to the desire to study classical music. This is where I find myself now- studying classical composition at the OCA, under the tutelage of Carla Rees and Ben Gaunt.