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CAMP Coronavirus Response

UPDATE: 21/01/2021

Due to the ongoing global crisis, we've been forced to postpone more of our workshops this year - with one or two possible exceptions, we will not now be running any workshops before August 2021. All the planned workshops will still happen - we haven't cancelled anything - but the dates have changed. Pleas double-check the date of any workshop you're interested in booking.

We're expanding our online program to react to the restrictions in place worldwide - check out the courses section for info on all of the amazing online workshops (and forthcominf onsite sessions).

Hopefully see you in the mountains very soon.


In light of the global coronavirus pandemic, we've had to make some changes to our 2020 program. As an international organisation, we feel a strong responsibility to take action to make sure that our project does not contribute to the spread of the virus, and to keep our artistic community safe and well. Although we can't know for sure whether the virus will still be a problem as this year develops, we've collated predictive data from as many sources as possible, and the chances of us being able to carry out the workshops this year are just too small.

We have considered several different possible scenarios, aiming to come up with a constructive, positive response to the situation, and have decided on the following action.

First, we've postponed all of our 2020 workshops until 2021. Rescheduled dates have been booked in with our course leaders, and the individual course pages now reflect the new date of the workshop. Bookings are open on all our workshops, and we look forward to seeing you next year.

Second, we've organised distance learning courses with all of our course leaders, in place of their workshops this year. These are not video tutorials - they are live, interactive courses with teacher contact time, assignments and tailored resources. Each online course will involve:

These online workshops are available to anyone to book, as a standalone activity. However, if you book a place on our 2021 onsite workshop program, you get the online workshop this year for free.

We wanted to find a way to act responsibly in the face of this global health crisis, replace this year's workshop with a meaningful learning experience, reschedule our workshops to reliable dates next year, and keep the CAMP project and its tutors out of financial trouble. We hope that this plan achieves those goals.

The coronavirus is damaging the arts and cultural industries - musicians are dealing with loss of their entire year's activity, visual artists have exhibitions and talks cancelled. By taking the action above, we hope to support the swift recovery of the small part of the arts industry within our influence. CAMP will continue beyond the crisis, with your support, and we believe that we can all benefit from this reactive and flexible response.

If you have any questions about our revised schedule, the online courses or any other aspect of CAMP, don't hesitate to drop us a line at [email protected].

Stay well, and hopefully see you soon.

James & Sarah @ CAMP

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