We do everything we can to make our courses as cheap as possible, but we understand that sometimes it can be hard to get the cash together fast enough to grab an amazing opportunity. Read on for info on payment plans, funding opportunities and other ways round the $$$ problem.

Payment Plan

You can pay your course fee in 4 monthly installments. The first payment, which you make immediately, is a non-refundable deposit. The subsequent payments are automatically taken from the payment card you used for the first payment, at one month intervals. So, if you pay the deposit on the 10th of March, the next payment will be taken on the 10th of April, and so on until the full course fee is paid.

The first payment is non-refundable. If you fail to complete your payment plan, your first payment will not be refunded. This is to cover the costs of administrating the payment plan, and of re-advertising your place and finding someone to fill it. Once you complete your payment plan, you have all the cancellation rights detailed in the terms.

Free course places via our Team Program

Our Team Program is simple: get a Team code, give it out to as many people as you like. They get 5% off their course at CAMP, and every time your code gets used, you get 10% credit towards a course. So, if your code gets used 5 times, you get a half-price course; 10 times, you get a place totally free. The Team Program is currently in beta - you can apply to take part here

Bursary Places

You can apply for a bursary to attend CAMP via one of our partners. We give each partner a set number of places to give out to their artistic community - they then accept and assess applications, and give out their places. Our current bursary partners are: EMS Stockholm, Huddersfield University Music Department and Fat Out - we'll be announcing more very soon.


We believe strongly in the idea that it is the responsibility of governments to support the cultural potential of their citizens. We will be very happy to help with funding applications, and can provide letters of invitation and any other documentation requested by your chosen funding body.

For European travel and project grants, check out this page on the TransArtists website. There's also a guide for artists outside Europe.