We do everything we can to make our courses as cheap as possible, but we know that sometimes it can be hard to get the cash together fast enough to grab an amazing opportunity. Read on for info on payment plans, funding opportunities and other ways to make your CAMP session happen.

Open Grants

Our Open Grants program offers grants of up to 50% of the cost of your CAMP session. The application form is quick and easy, and applications are usually assessed within a couple of hours - apply online here. If you're awarded a grant, you can also split the remaining payment (see the next bit of this page) making things even more manageable. For example - if you get a 50% grant, and then split the remaining 50%, you pay just €162 (or £140 / $179) per month over 4 months.

Please note: the application should be completed before you reserve a place.

Payment Plan

You can pay your course fee in 4 monthly installments. The first payment, which you make immediately, is a non-refundable deposit. The subsequent payments are automatically taken from the payment card you used for the first payment, at one month intervals. So, if you pay the deposit on the 10th of March, the next payment will be taken on the 10th of April, and so on until the full course fee is paid.

You can split your payment even if you receive an Open Grant (see above). There's more information about payment splits in our terms.

Educational Match Program

If you're in education, whether you're learning, teaching or otherwise working within an educational institution, you can get funding towards your CAMP session. Our Educational Match Program works like this: we will match any financial contribution offered by your educational institution; so if your university department, for example, offers you a study grant of €600, we will reduce your course fee by €600, leaving you with €99 to pay.

To find out how to get your university department, school or college involved in our Educational Match Program, contact us.

Free course places via our Team Program

Our Team Program is simple: get a Team code, give it out to as many people as you like. They get 5% off their course at CAMP, and every time your code gets used, you get 10% credit towards a course. So, if your code gets used 5 times, you get a half-price course; 10 times, you get a place totally free. The Team Program is currently in beta - you can apply to take part here


We believe strongly in the idea that it is the responsibility of governments to support the cultural potential of their citizens. We will be very happy to help with funding applications, and can provide letters of invitation and any other documentation requested by your chosen funding body.

For European travel and project grants, check out this page on the TransArtists website. There's also a guide for artists outside Europe.