STARTS 24/06/2020


You're viewing the distance learning part of this course. Our distance learning sessions are a great way to get involved with CAMP if you can't make the trip, or as a preparatory step for an onsite workshop. Remember - if you sign up to an onsite workshop in 2021, you get the 2020 distance learning course free.

The onsite version of this workshop is here.


  • Join Laurel for a series of live, interactive videochat workshops
  • Receive assignments to work on where you are, in between online sessions
  • Get tuition and feedback via Skype/Zoom while you work on the assignments
  • Access to a library of resources assembled specifically for this workshop by Laurel
  • Further support after the workshop ends including release, performance, broadcast and exhibition opportunities


This distance workshop is sold out. There are still places on the onsite workshop which starts on 23/06/2021 - find out more here. You can view our other workshops here.

Laurel Halo is an electronic musician originally from Michigan, USA but based in Berlin. She has released music in a variety of styles, ranging from ambient and experimental club, to avant-pop and dubwise electronica. Though the breadth of genre is varied, there's an intrinsic logic to Halo's aesthetic, focussed on the interplay between digital and analog production techniques, and the general subversion of standard sonic hierarchies. She has released on labels such as Honest Jon's, Latency, Livity Sound and, most notably, Hyperdub; her debut album Quarantine was named Wire Magazine's album of the year in 2012. She has collaborated with John Cale, Eli Keszler, Beatrice Dillon and Julia Holter, amongst others.

Soundtrack composition has also formed an important part of Laurel Halo's output - she composed the soundtrack for "Still Be Here", a collaborative piece featuring the Japanese virtual pop star Hatsune Miku, and scored the documentary film "Possessed" by Amsterdam based collective Metahaven and Rob Schroder. DJing has also played a role in Halo's output; from her early days as a college radio DJ, to being a resident on Berlin Community Radio (2014-2018) and Rinse.FM (2018), to gigging in many clubs around the world, the study of genre, blending and freeform aesthetics has informed her compositional approach.

This workshop will focus on electronic music composition, examining various writing approaches, aesthetic strategies and listening techniques, to further refine and hone one's compositional voice. Group exercises, listening and analysis pair with sharing/critique sessions, as well as making new work through various writing-to-concept exercises.

The course is not meant to be a how-to course on music production; a basic understanding of electronic music production is expected, though no formal training is required. It is designed primarily for those who are seeking to deepen their compositional practice. You'll end the workshop having expanded your range of critical listening skills, learnt new technological approaches and new kit, honed your compositional approach, widened your awareness of influential movements and factors, developed your existing musical practice and composed new work.

Following your online course with Laurel Halo at CAMP, you'll have the opportunity to release, broadcast and perform your work via our range of in-house labels, CAMP Radio, Fuse Art Space and our international network of partner organisations.


This is an online course, but it involves realtime sessions and contact time with your tutor - it's not a "download these videos and watch them at your leisure" type of thing - it's a real workshop with live lectures, individual tuition, assignments and feedback sessions. We've tried to make this remote session as close as possible to the experience of an onsite workshop at CAMP. The course starts on 24/06/2020 and ends on 03/07/2020.


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