Team Program

Are you keen to come to CAMP, but resources are short? Do you have way more Twitter followers than you have $$$ in the bank? Our Team Program might be just what you're looking for!

Fill out the form below to apply for Team membership. Once approved, you'll get your own discount code to share with whoever you wish. People using your code get a 5% discount on any course at CAMP, and every time your code gets used, you get 10% credit towards a course. So, if your code gets used 5 times, you get a half-price course; 10 times, you get a place totally free. And it doesn't have to stop there - you can earn as much credit as you want, and use it for yourself or others. Make sure you give us as much information as possible in the "About you" box, and let us know how you intend to get your codes out there and being used.