CAMP is operated by the team behind Fuse Art Space. Fuse Art Space is an art gallery, performance space and cultural hub based in the city centre of Bradford, UK. Launched in 2013, Fuse Art Space quickly gained a reputation as one of the most dynamic avant garde arts spaces in the north of England. Over the last four years we have hosted acclaimed exhibitions of Syrian protest art, feminist cross-media installations (including work by Poppy Jackson, Sue Williams, Rupi Kaur, Faith Holland and others), climate change activist installations as part of the ArtCOP project, the first ever Portrait Salon printed show, Lydia Goldblatt’s last solo exhibition before she won the Tokyo International Photography Grand Prix, sonic installations featuring work by Jez Riley French, Mike Harding, BJ Nilsen, Tara Jane Oneil and MV Carbon, and situationist interventions reflecting audience focus back out into the city.

As a performance venue, we have hosted performances, frequently UK exclusive, by Chris Watson, Philip Jeck, Kyoka, Karen Gwyer, Damian Dubrovnik, Helm, Robert Millis, John Chantler, Wanda Group, Basic House, Eric Chenaux, Illum Sphere, Space Dimension Controller, Awesome Tapes From Africa, Rafael Toral, Richard Dawson, Alash, Container, Cooly G, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Islam Chipsy, AGF, Ela Orleans, Ian William Craig, Carla Bozulich, Rene Hell, Elysia Crampton, Novi_Sad, Jason Lescalleet, King Ayisoba, Led Bib, Matana Roberts and dozens of other game-changing artists.

In addition to the activity at Fuse Art Space, we also run a number of record labels and publishing imprints including Bomb Shop, Language and Papervampire.

The focus of CAMP is to use what we have – our artistic network, our facilities, our various record labels and publishing operations, our relationships with acclaimed artists and our artist support platforms – to provide people with a catalytic, game-changing masterclass experience, in inspiring surroundings.