Ross Adams

The accidental discovery of a luminous red and blue Jack Trax album amidst the Heavy Metal section was my introduction to Pierre's Fantasy Club, Phortune, Armando, Mr Fingers, the Acid House movement and an ongoing love of electronic music through all it's guises to date. I still love to DJ and once in a blue moon I'll put out a release on my label District Six Records. Next up will be an Afrikan Sciences remix.

My freelance sound work for the moving image and radio includes an array of location and post production assignments incorporating documentary, music and gallery installations. Highlights include sound supervisor on BBC Radio Three and Four drama commissions all recorded on location, travelling through the Sahara and recording Tamasheq freedom fighters turned musicians, Tinariwen, gathering sounds and Welsh choirs for Velvet Underground co-founder John Cale and recording location sounds for Matthew Herbert's One Club album.

Personal interests span field recordings of environments, people and wildlife warped to create immersive real and imagined sonic worlds of dense electronic music compositions, interwoven with virtual instrumental materials and sound design for multi-speaker array performance, installation and dancefloor.