Brian Zimmerman

My name is Brian Zimmerman and I am a New York City based electronic/experimental composer and performer. I go under the moniker Liezer.

I was born in Washington State (right outside Portland, Oregon). Growing up, I focused on drumming and singing. Shortly upon entering college I got interested in musical composition. In undergrad I composed for "classically trained" performers. In addition I was making music with electronic music programs such as Reason, Digital Performer, Pro Tools, ect. I eventually moved to New York University to study under Julia Wolfe and get a masters degree in music composition. By that point electronic music had become my primary focus.

I just finished my first official electronic album self titled "Liezer". I am working on getting it released on the record label Vivid Beats. I am now currently working on a new project that focuses on harsher electronic sounds and vocals. Some of my primary influences are: Aphex Twin, Tool, Squarepusher, Holly Herndon, Iannis Xenakis, My Bloody Valentine, Erik Satie, and Gavin Bryars.